We’ll miss you Zeina!

I read zeinas’s post, and i was like..Woah, no way lol.

Zeina is a great editor, she’s also kind and sweet.

She makes me laugh even when im mad,sad or somethin’ i like her edits actually,

And she’s also the reason why i am here in Moon Graal

Which is my dream. Zeina pls don’t quit MoonGraal, you should practice more, also don’t give up!

I practiced editing when i took a break in MoonGraal it kinda helped me actually. You’re good ya know! Trust is yourself!




Heyyyy guys..

Hey guys..Its zeina..There are bad news..

So..I decided to quit moongraal I dont know if i might be back,I am like not that good

So,I dont know if i will be back,for now,Ill just take requests and sometimes i wont do them..So if you are asking why i am quitting,continue reading:

 I feel like i have no time to edit,and im not that good and no one even uses my edits,and also i feel that im not here for that thing,Is this a goodbye forever?I dont know..

Also,I just noticed from milis post that we reached 200k,For me being gone,Means this website would never stop,I really would never forget all the memories this website have..I will really miss you Ferri,Sassy,Mili and Bronnie yall are amazing💝💜💕❤💙

So,These are the uploads i found in my gallery,my last post,Love you all..

gifmaker-org_orprxhnormally ilywwh@a@@@@@@@t

Credits to mili for the bodies and original owners for the head.

Cya Loves😍😘💝💜💕❤💙💔



Hey there weirdo

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im back with even uglier edits (: Since the site is a bit inactive ill try to start posting as much as I can (: soooo here are old personals and  edits that were going to be my personals but I dont need them anymore.Set trans for the bodies (: Creds to og owners


-Bronnie (:

Dont think ur an admin bb

Heyyy,i aint here to post uploads,i must tell yall an important thing ;))

There is a person ifiles people uploads in “bad gangs”,dont try or think to be an admin bb,that doesnt work.

As u see,that person ifiled me and my friends,and that person says that tony,my friend,recruited”random people”to bully other people  without a custom upload.

Thats like,u dont even know that his gf in that gang..first think what to say,then write on ur site 🙂

Anyways,idc if u ifiled,im not scared at all 🙂





Bad News…


Hey guys! Soooo, you’re all probably wondering where the hell we all are and why we aren’t posting. Well, sadly none of us is able to post for the time being. As mentioned before, Bronnie is on a long break, Zeina is on a break and so is Ferri.


I’ve been trying to continue with Graal related things for as long as I possibly can without wanting to stop and laze around with something else, but atm I’m back to having a lack of interest in it; therefore, I’m also going on a long break.


I’m not really hiring anybody to take over for us as 1) I’m too lazy and 2) I’m not sure if I really should etc. So I guess this place will be lonely for a lil’ bit. I’ll still be checking on it, though.

SO, don’t go around spreading shiz like ‘MoonGraal’s dead, welp rip forever‘, cause I’m not implying it is. I’m just saying Moongraal is basically on a break rn.





Before I disappear for a period of time, I just wanna update and thank all our little shining stars for 200k views!!!