Post later (Bronwyn ) ****

Sorry I know I am a shitty lazy ass bitch so sorry 😟 but here is a preview of a head I’m making and I promise this time it will be a gif ☺ and it will take me like a few days to finish since I lost the edits due to me being forgetful 

Hollow (& 100k).


Hey, guys…. so no this isn’t a mysterious or weird asf post with uploads. In fact, you’re probably sick of my constant empty posts that obviously aren’t worth making, but I just want to let you all know that I’m letting my mind clear of gfx at the moment- taking a break? Honestly, I don’t know what to call it. Trying to find the clearly insoluble title for it irritates me.

I feel so hollow, unmotivated and not the slightest bothered about gfx and I don’t know why or what happened. I’ve been working on some uploads but slowly then suddenly completely stopped editing altogether; I haven’t played Graal recently, though it doesn’t surprise me.

Like I said before, I was thinking of quitting around 100k; It doesn’t thrill me, but it doesn’t make me happy to think about it either; taking a breather is fine but erasing it from me completely? Should I really? …

I don’t know how Kim can say she wants to come back because I feel like I’m wasting my time here. I’m wasting hours just on pixelated sets which might not even be used. In time I’ll move on knowing that I wasn’t wise with my time- I worked on a site which will probably crumble one day and be forgotten anyway. As harsh as I make it, there’s a lot of popular sites out there that are like that.

I’ll stop babbling and get to the point. I snapped. I’m not editing for now and as mean as it is, just forget about the things I promised because I’m calling them off right now. I can’t even bother to look at my editing app right now because I feel so tense for no reason- I feel very on edge and I don’t even know why.

Hate on me– Go ahead. I don’t post, I don’t deserve it. I haven’t made good sets, I probably haven’t played my part very well, I make myself look like a 2 sided mess who says this but never does it, but I don’t care anymore.



(Very important!)

Before I go and disappear for a while, I wanted to break the news to you all; We reached 100k!!!

I’m just gonna say a quick thank you for helping us reach 100k (100,866) views! You are all amazing as we said before, but I mean come on! This site used to be completely helpless and unknown, the fact that we never even expected 10 views but ended up with 100k just knocks us back all the way. Ty, Ty, Ty, so much!

Keep shining our little stars 🌟







guyz 😔😔 I don’t know when, and how. The customs I was working on, yea the couples. I edit in android and I save my work after edit it. I saved it so I could edit it on the next day 😔 and unfortunately, my downloads are empty

I’m so sorry loves 💔

I’ll take it as my fault 😔😔 forgive me. I’ll make it again but not now. 😞😞 I dont have any idea. I guess I should continue? It takes alot time to edit them customs. But I’ll make couples later. I’ll edit some boy heads.

So so sorry once again ily ya’ll so much. I’m also mad that 😠😢 how tf it’s empty. My whole work my every single edits are in there. But it’s okay I’ll do it for you guyz again. OK boyz. I’m coming up with a surprise really soon.

Ya’ll ready?




Okaay so one girl requested to me like 2 of theese heads and body.So I made em and I cannot find her.So here ya go if u see this :d

Creds to azngirlzgfx for body