Let’s do it.

Hey and sadly it’s not gonna be any kind of edit. It’s just to remind you guys that requests are opened! I’m bored. There’s nothing to do so why not work on some requests eh. As for the new custom, would y’all like the personals? Or edits? I mean should I make my own customs or you want edits of different customs? Let me know!

And how to request. Email me at Lishkook1997@gmail.com or DM me on graal era. I can almost do everything. I can do anything except indexting the bodies. I’m sorry I’m practicing that still. I maybe need some huge amount of time to do that. I can do fanarts as well! Email me your graal character.

And if your new to this site or to me, hey! I’m ferri (Neris) and you can find me in these gangs as well: Neris, Sirenz, We Smash. It’ll be more easier for me if you will email me the customs and tell Me what to do on them over there. Since It’ll be hard for me to find the customs.

Tysm for a views gguks ❤ XoX 



Here’s what i edited i added freckles in it :> hope ya like it ❤


I’ve Decided…


WHOEVER IS LEFT ON THE SITE, NEVER DELETE IT OR PRIVATE IT- JUST LEAVE IT (because I don’t want all of this to be covered up for nothing in the ending)


Hey, guys.

Firstly, I’m so, so, so sorry because this isn’t a notification of me coming back or anything; actually, it’s quite the opposite.

I’ve been doing some thinking, weighing it all out and quite honestly, I’ve finally decided: I’m quitting for sure now. Now, I know I always say ‘I’m quitting and I don’t know if I’m coming back or not’, but I really am now.

It was all fun and I had a good run- heck I was here since the site started and even in the first-version (failing) attempt of it- but I’ve been looking back on it all and well, it’s just too hard to even bother anymore. I’m obviously not really interested in the game and I’m always too lazy to bother posting anything. Don’t get me wrong, this site has been some good fun and memories, but I feel like I have other things I’d rather do now. Sorry once again

-but, thank you so, so, so, so very much for all the support- the likes, the views, the comments, requests, PMs and re-edits from other sites are so heart-warming to see; it makes me feel like this hasn’t been a complete waste, given that some people actually do notice and like what I produce.

This site is now on 200k views and that’s incredible, hope it continues and the site gets driven in the right direction- even though I know one day it’ll end up crashing somehow.


Topics on the side I wanted to talk about as well:

1)I’m sad that Zeina left since she was a great person to have on the site. I also enjoyed her work a lot! If she believes she’s not good, then girl lol, you should’ve seen me when I was still more of a newbie in GFX. I was absolutely awful and wasn’t sure about what I was doing. I honestly did get a little bit jealous at first because I was wondering how others were so good- I was slightly frustrated because, in my eyes, I wasn’t improving at all either- but life always has its twists doesn’t it?

I went from the most stupidest introductions like ‘what’s shakin’ bacon?’ to learning how skin tones work, how to properly recolour hair and add Ombres or whatever. If you’re new as well and you’re wondering ‘how?’- well, it’s simple: don’t give up.

I literally kept trying and may have had some little breaks every now and then, but it was worth it because I was actually improving through time- even if I couldn’t see it at first. I mean, you can’t just expect to become an absolute natural at the first few attempts- it’s pretty rare. Everything takes time, so if you have it, use it the way you want to, but also use it wisely.


2) Thank you, all hired workers- even the previous ones. This site wouldn’t have gotten where it’s at without you! Your works are like pieces to a massive puzzle.


3) What’s gonna happen to my page? TBH, I don’t really know. I’m going to leave it labelled as RIP and try to make sure it’s all updated before I leave.


4) Since I’m leaving I might as well give ya’ll some info you might’ve been wondering- obviously not all my personal info that would be so fu- sorry I mean, ducking stupid of me.

  • I’m 14 rn, but will turn 15 in a few months. (in 2018)
  • I started Graal near the end of 2013 ( I think) and Classic was the first version of Graal that I played.
  • Kim from PLHGFX is probably the second longest lasting friend in Graal I’ve ever had- my actual longest lasting friend is in contact with me Irl and was probably one of the ones to introduce me to the game.
  • I started GFX probably in 2015/16, I can’t exactly remember, sorry >.<
  • I’ve always hated doing requests tbh, lmao.
  • I’m actually Asian. GO ASIANS!!
  • -BUT, I live in the UK- don’t worry though, I don’t have a chavy accent, lmao. TBH, I don’t think I really have an accent at all.
  • I’m not smart but not THAT dumb either?? More in the middle?? I seriously don’t know.
  • I suck at English and Maths lol.

Goodluck my little shining 🌟’s


is finally out.


Eye Patch

I heard we reached 200k?! Thank you?! Oh my god. Guys that’s amazing! You guys are really amazing and I’m crazily in love with y’all 😍

Anyways, here comes the new edit!

The Eyepatch

Credits to Majimegfx for the original head, I agree that I have put my watermark but please guys, the head belongs to her. It’s her personal. Full credits to her! Visit her site. So amazing customs!

Here goes ♥

Full credits for the body goes to plhgfx

Hope ya like it!


Guess who’s back? ❤

Hi fella gguks! Oh and by the way I’m gonna call you all gguks from now own, because I found it cute actually. So hi my beautiful baby bubs and gguks, Ferri is back! It’s to tell you guys that I’m back and I’m gonna do my best to make this site alive again since everyone’s taking a long break because of how tired they were. But y’all should appreciate their hard work as well! They have done a lot of hard work and since I was on my hiatus, it’s my turn to do some hard work as well. So let’s do it right?


I heard about Zeina on site Actually left this site. She’s my bestie forever. She’s a rare friend and rare friends are always hard go find, trust me ❤

Hearing that she has left, it’s okay! Don’t be sad 🙂 me and the others will be always here and as for me, I don’t have to miss her because I’m back and she’s on graal with me. Anything that Zeina will have to say to you, I’ll be giving you her message or she’ll be coming back hope fully. As for Bronnie and Mili on the site, thank you for always being there for me. Team works makes the dream work. We’ll do our best on this site. Don’t lose your hopes. I agree that sometimes we do not have time, but time is something rare. Let’s not waste it like that. Let’s use it if we have it.

I’m back and being here is always be a pleasure. I can’t leave this site. I’m attached to it. Like a lot. I’ll be making something real different this time for you guys. Coughs coughs. Hehe

So let’s just wait right?

I love y’all. One day I have to leave this site too. But I can’t. I don’t know it’s fate maybe. So let’s the fate decide it by itself. I love my baby gguks.


We’ll miss you Zeina!

I read zeinas’s post, and i was like..Woah, no way lol.

Zeina is a great editor, she’s also kind and sweet.

She makes me laugh even when im mad,sad or somethin’ i like her edits actually,

And she’s also the reason why i am here in Moon Graal

Which is my dream. Zeina pls don’t quit MoonGraal, you should practice more, also don’t give up!

I practiced editing when i took a break in MoonGraal it kinda helped me actually. You’re good ya know! Trust is yourself!