Hello humans here is another halloween edit creds to fishcakegfx

Set transparency when you upload.




Happy Halloween!I hope you all will enjoy halloween ❤

So I am working on zombie costums,I hope y’all will like them❤




I hope u all will have a great halloween,Love u all,take care<3




Happy graaloween ya’ll!  More like happy Halloween!! I just forgot that Halloween is almost here. I’m Muslim so I don’t celebrate it but I come to know when my friends told me about it💞

They wanted me to make a Halloween custom… I made this one. I don’t think so it’s that “halloween” type. More like it’s cute. But guess what? Ya’ll think imma end up with this cute stuff in halloween? No lolz I’m gonna make a bootifull halloween customs for ya’ll and as ya’ll know I’m expert in making emo heads tho (Not that much well) but ya’ll just wait for them B) you guyz gonna love it.

Creds to Bloomingflowergfx🌹  for the original head and also Credits goes to Milifia💋 (on the site) for the body♡ I just changed the body a little 😊

Okay ya’ll now I’ll stop writing here ya’ll go shining hearts 💞





♡ Hope ya’ll like it ♡


Happy Halloween!


Hey, guys! Happy Halloween! I’m so sorry this isn’t a flawless set but I hope you like it anyway.

Firstly I would just like to say, thank you so much to everyone! I’m happy to see that my body is being used in others’ edits, so it’s ok Ferri ❤ I’m also very happy to see that people are recognising our site more and are wearing our sets more. (I don’t play Graal anymore which is why I don’t collect screenshots)

I’m also very pleased that people like our new logo! I edited it and our menu’s background off Pinterest and I may have spent most of the time slouching off lol


I completely forgot Halloween was this month so I did a quick eye-scar version. I’m a little upset that this couples’ set didn’t really end up as matching 😦 but I tried my best. The body is another new one I made so don’t be scared to use it in your own edits; just make sure to give credit, please!!

Creds for the original heads to BloomingFlowerBlog 💋




HalloweenBhalloweennormalBnormal   HalloweenGifBHalloweenGifNormalGifBNormalGif    Something Extra.png




(I got my first ever detention because of my stupid maths homework. I wasn’t even told I had a detention until the lady to announce it came into my class and called out pupils’ names on the detentions list…)

PSS- Sorry for typing a lot lol, I just feel talkative today. ❤



Tysm <3

A fan of Milifia💋 (on the site!) Mili will be so so happy when she’ll see that people loves her customs and she’s wearing her customs rn 😁❤

Mili is the best best editor! Please ya’ll apriciate her hard work! She is busy but she still manage to make the most beautifull and amazing customs! Support her!😍 checkout her page! I love her work❤

And it’s not my site ya’ll I work here moongraal is a family site! ❤❤






Hey ya’ll awesomes! It has been done and for body, credits to Milifia💞 (On The Site!) I’m so sorry mili, I changed the extensions of the body.. I didn’t find any other ones- all was cc. 💞 I’m sorry 💞

Here ya’ll go



Once again, I’m so sory milli ☺💞 thanku