Hey, guys! Wow, so this is just an update on progress and also thank you, again.💋

I just noticed that we’ve already received 8k views since! 😱😱😱

Maybe I’m making it too big of a deal, but in my perspective that’s great! 😚😚😚

not just that, but were also doubled the number of views we had last time I checked; just this month we passed the most views we’ve ever had on this site- which was just 3 days before my bday!!🎂


Was kinda sad seeing how so many things use to change a lot, yet the progress use to always stay the same, but at the same time things are good now and we’re getting somewhere. 🙂

Thank you~ and welcome Zeina and Ferri ❤ 


-Milifia 💋



Short haired couples! 💏



Hey, guys! Here are the edited short haired couples I mentioned in the last post!

So during the process, I was thinking and~

I think of pink couples with popping personalities, showing just how adorable they are all the time, whereas I think of blue couples as very calm and easy going people; though cute the colour radiating off of them shows a deadly- dramatic love story! HUEHUE

(maybe I should take a break from webtoon romances 😂)

That’s why they have slightly different expressions.

Credits to Ferri (On the site – ^^ welcome btw) and some smexy site called Plhgfx 🤗


GIF                 NON-GIF

gid blue guygif blue girlgif pink girlgif pink guy         blue girlblue guypink girlpink guy




Super Edit Preview!


          This   —————–>  into this

yayayaya.png               hjkhjkhjkhjkhjkhjkhjkhjkjhjkhkkh preview.png

Do not steal idea cause’ I swear to gawd I’m so done with credit stealing…

it’s so out of control nowadays. 

(But if done already lemme know 😱😭😩)


Hey, guys! I was inspired by some beautiful hairstyles Lately!

Honestly, I was just playing around with the unused heads in one of my folders,😜 but I have absolutely no idea what I was planning to do with those heads and ended up messing around a lot! 😝

I ended up doing a combined head plus a lot of changes- of course, I edited the face but it’s been so long since I did that much change to hair. I still kept the hair colour though, but as for the eyes, skin, face structures, and ears(on the first), they were added/ changed.


Anyhow~ creds to Poochymoochy with her adooorable website, and to Sof from Lyvia’s site.

Ps- Couple uploads coming again soon(No extensions)!